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SickKids Legends

What is a legend? When we think of the word, it's athletes, artists or musicians that come to mind.
But there is a place in Toronto, Canada that has been the home of legends for over 150 years. Its halls are
filled with patients, doctors, nurses and researchers who have overcome insurmountable odds. To many,
SickKids is not just a hospital, it is a place of legends.

This film begins highlighting the rich history of the hospital and its impossible dream to make every child a healthy child. Then shows how it has grown into a house of legends, with stories of bravery and medical breakthroughs that are as big as they come — culminating in one final push to finish what we started: to raise $1.5 billion to build a new SickKids worthy of these legends.


Marketing Awards - Public Service Advertising - Merit for Television Single 

Clios - Film Craft - Cinematography- Silver

Clios - Film Craft - Direction - Silver 

Clios - Film Craft - Editing - Bronze 

Clios - Film - 61 seconds to five  mins - shortlist 

Clios - Film Craft - VFX - Shortlist 

Clios - Creative Effectiveness - National - Shortlist 

One Show - Health & Wellness Film - Merit

One Show - Health & Wellness Craft Copywriting - Merit

One Show - Music & Sound Craft Music Adapt - Merit 

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